Every year, the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) requires companies that meet specific criteria to file an Employer Information Report (EEO-1). The EEOC requires employers to categorize U.S. employees by race/ethnicity, gender, and job category using definitions prescribed by the federal government. These mandated definitions may differ from how we organize our U.S. workforce and/or how we measure our diversity progress; however, FOX appreciates the value of publicly disclosing standardized workforce diversity data.

To that end, our 2021 Employer Information Report (EEO-1) is available to download here. These data reflect a snapshot of FOX’s U.S. workforce in December 2021 and not our current 2022 data. No single chart can capture FOX’s commitment to, and progress on, diversity. We encourage individuals to review the “People Forward” section of the FOX Corporate Social Responsibility Report for a discussion of our approach to diversity and inclusion at FOX.